Saturday, 21 September 2013

11 years !

How can it be, my boy was 11 yesterday. Where did that time go? I remember his birth VIVDLY. Ooo the horror of it!
The puffy-anemic-stunned-faced photos say it all. I was in so much shock I don't reckon I blinked for a fortnight, but once I had him under my wing at home my life as a devoted mum began and continues with a love deeper than I ever imagined. He tests me daily (sometimes hourly) but he has a heart bigger than himself and so again and again, I kiss him goodnight and tell him I love him to the moon and back.

(puffy morning eyes make him look a bit like Robert De Niro! "...this is a-espicy-a-meat-a-ball")

I wish I could find the card Buz got from Jimmy, he wrote something to this effect:
"Happy Buz-day, Thanks for teaching me the cheats of life.
From Jimmy"

Hmmmm, should I even ask ?!?!

He has some friends coming over tonight for pizza and a movie I have been banned from making anything match scratchy, no colour co-ordinated anything, no lolly bags, no fancy bunting, no musical chairs....nada.
"Just coke and chips mum."
Roger that.

 Love you Buz,
Mum x

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