Thursday, 19 September 2013

Feeling self conscious this week.

Right, it's time I face reality I think!
On Sunday whilst looking through old photos my Mum gasped, "wow you had great legs back then Liv." This was followed up nicely the next day by a football mum with, "you should do couch to 5kms", and then another upper cut via text from my bestie: "Hi girls, here is my exclusive fat fighting chocolate discovery which under no circumstances is to be divulged to any skinny bitches. Once we've shed some pud we can jog past them in our size 2 stretchy pants and wave condescendingly. You need manuka honey, coconut makes you feel full and stops sugar cravings. Good luck, see you on the thinner side."
And then the cherry on the top, whilst having a cuddle with my hubby in the kitchen last night under the fluros he said, "Gee Darl, we might need a steam iron for those wrinkles".
I'm blown away by the compliments ladies and gents, what next?... "when are you due?"

So I get it, you all think I need to shed some "pud".
Where to start? I love food and I hate running. I'm a SAHM and so my lunch usually consists of the  crusts of  #4's sandwich thrown down with a coffee or two, and yes, maybe a bad treat or 10 just to get my through to wine-o'clock.
We spend our whole life trying to accept our God-given bodies and be comfortable in our own skin, but it doesn't seem that everyone else is comfortable that I'm comfortable.
So tomorrow is a new day, a skinner day. I'll start with a stroll to the letter box and go from there.

I hope your summer body is looking better than mine. Have you been cossie shopping yet?
This year the criteria is:
- 2 piece tankini for those quick dashes to the toili
- low enough to cover the bikini line incase time runs short and the hedge clippers and blower don't make an appearance
- but high enough to avoid the 1950s poolside siren look
- underwire, because the girls friend is gravity
- patterned, because cottage cheese is for cakes not bodies
- and sexy, if ever the above 5 can be in the same sentence as sexy.

So there you go, to hell with the pud.
Liv xo

ps: I'd love to know which other fat bitches got the text? or was the "hi Girls" to soften the blow?!
(for all of you who don't know my bestie, it's all good, we laugh ourselves silly!)


  1. yikes, what a way to give a girl a complex. I say just get some nice boardies to go with a great tankini top and then all your problems will be covered ;-)

    I need to shed more than a few kilos, and I accept that, but it doesn't happen easily for me at all. And I hate the "diet" mindset and always thinking about food. My body, no one elses. I've got a new bike coming so hopefully some nice late afternoon rides with the kids will get me a little fitter at the very least!

    1. I tried the bike thing Sharon (look here : )
      but it just turned into a leisurely ride to feed the horses, stop and smell the flowers and wave to the neighbours!
      I wasn't quite 'Sturt O'Grady' in speed and agility.

  2. Gee, thanks supportive crew, really needed that, right?! It's tough enough when the media tells us that we need to be skinny to matter, let alone our own team! You lose some weight if you want to, Liv. x

    1. You're right Bron, what about team spirit!
      Nah I agree, they all have a point.

  3. Nice one. Nothing like feeling the love. I too feel the pain being torn between love the body you are in and run like there is no tomorrow while never eating again. Talk about mixed messages!

    1. I reckon we should all turn media of and just be!
      Ahhhh....the thought. bliss x

  4. After 6 babies ive certainly put on the kilos.......but they are very loved kilos!


    1. ...and you deserve every extra kilo, what a blessed life, 6 babies! x

  5. Olivia
    I often ponder this whole look thing. Consider the Greek culture, they like women to be cuddly with curves, must be other cultures that appreciate our bods the way they, ahem have become.

    1. I wish there was a bit of Greek in my bloodline Erin! x

  6. Well I recently purchased a new bikini which is slightly cheekier than I am used to. Everyone better get ready for this jelly!