Thursday, 5 September 2013

* * * SPRING * * *

Spring has definitely sprung! Blossoms are puffing up on every limb, bulbs are popping through the soil with colourful goodness, honeysuckle can be smelt in the air and the birds are singing once again to the sounds of "enough already". We even had our first snake of the season yesterday, it took a joy ride in the mouth of our resident kookaburra. It was only a baby, but a black none the less. The world needs more Kookas.

On the back of my Spring excitement are always the memories of our family trip (us, both sets of parents and one uncle) to Japan in blossom season, 3 1/2 years ago. 
It was our first trip to meet the Japanese rellies, and it was superb.
Never in my lifetime was Japan on my "to do" list, but oh am I glad I married an Aussie with a Japanese mum (well she is more Aussie than me now, she has lived here longer than my 33 years, most of which were on a beef farm, she says "struth" and drinks beer!) but anyway, I was totally blown away by the graciousness of the Japanese people, their detail and love of beauty even in mundane items, and the cleanliness and thus pride of the nation and their culture. 
We covered quite a bit of ground but if ever you are lucky enough to visit Japan give yourself ample time in Kyoto, formerly the imperial capital and the arts and crafts epicentre of Japan. Geisha's can been seen shuffling the streets, tea houses are spotted all over, the architecture of the ancient temples is quite something, textiles aplenty, the pottery has become another love of my life and the blossoms.....oh the blossoms.  A M A Z I N G !!!! (and just a bit of trivia, I didn't see a single bee ?!?!)

Ahhh...the memories.

I feel a lot of Spring photos coming on.
With Love
Liv xo


  1. I adore Japan! I actually specialised in Japanese studies as part of my Asian Studies degree so have a real soft spot for the place. You definitely picked the best time they go, they are crazy about their Sakura Hana. Your photos are gorgeous. Mel x

    1. Wow Mel, its sounds like you have more Jap in you than I do! Have you managed to get there yet?
      It's definitely a very special place, and despite the incredible beauty and things to see there, it was one night sitting on the floor around Aunty Tomoko's table on Tatami mats that holds the most precious memory. We couldn't communicate other than a million bows of thanks but it was special x