Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Family fun

Yesterday was a bit gloomy but the need to get 5 little kids out of the house far outweighed the warmth and comfort of the lounge room.
So off we went.......fishing! It wasn't our day, all we scored was a wasp bite and a slushy but at least Paul and I could tick the 'what are we doing today' box.
Paul spent the entire time baiting rods.

....and again

Check out Bear, all cheek that kid!

Testing his limits....apparently I have to let them do this!

After an hour of nada, Jim spotted these ducks and announced that it was going to be "roast duck for dinner instead"

*A funny story: last time the boys went fishing in this spot Jimmy caught a tiny little Bream and as he pulled it up out of the water a cormorant flew down and snavelled it, but in the process got hooked himself. Then as Jim wrestled with the bird the little fish plopped out of the birds throat and back into the water leaving his two aggressors to fight the battle.
Classic win for the fish!

A wasp bite finished us off and we took the patient home to nurse the wound and do some painting to heal his spirit!

Hope you had a happy Sunday and are getting over Mondayitis...i'm struggling (6 loads of washing, no joke).

Liv xo



  1. Sounds like a fun Sunday! Thanks for visiting me Olivia! x

    1. I'll be back to your blog to visit again shortly x

  2. Looks like a great way to spend a Sunday. Do you have 5 kidlets?!!!

    1. Just 4 Prue !!! (the one on the far left in a red jumper is a ring in).