Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My girl is six!

My pink dot was six on Monday but I've had the worst flu ever and have been out of action for 6 days so I'm only posting now. I reckon I have probably felt sicker only once or twice before but never ever this weak and lethargic. I still feel like a zombie and I am on day 6.

Anyway I managed to nod my way through the birthday party as I have lost my voice and the little left sounds distinctly like a man (Paul, is quite confused because he was sure he voted against same sex marriage).

The little ladies had a fun day playing traditional party games in the backyard, just how I like it. They played pass-the-parcel, lolly hunt and twirled ribbons until their hearts were content.

I am still in disbelief that Lulu is six, I want to wrap her up and keep her like this forever.

And now my little lady is having a big sleep over at her cousins.

Love you to the moon and back sweet girl 
Mum xoxo


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! And you made the "Barbie" cake - I remember having that one year as a Kids. Glad she had a wonderful day and I hope you are on the mend! x

    1. Thanks Mel, it's taken 10 days but i finally feel better x

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter. I know what you mean about wanting to keep them at that age, I feel the same way with my 4 year old :( Hope you are feeling better now. I currently have no voice whatsoever at the moment too... is driving me crazy!!

    1. No way Amanda, i feel for you. rest rest rest! x