Saturday, 14 September 2013

Some life lessons these past 24 hours...

I'm a big believer of getting out of life what you put into it. Some things we can teach ourselves and others, if we are willing to learn, we learn from others.

Lesson 1.
Last night, my Dad was awarded Life Membership at our School Footy Club. For 22 years he has served The Lions, as President when my brothers went through and now as coach of the Mighty U10's (my son's team, his grandson). Hours and hours of coaching, driving, cooking BBQs, attending meetings, sideline banter, mentoring......and more coaching.

I was so proud last night Dad, you truly deserved the accolade and acknowledgement of your passion, dedication and a generosity to The Redfield Lions, you showed that room full of Wallaby-wanna-bes what spirit and commitment really are.

*Mum deserved the same award, she was there, alongside Dad for all those years too. She washed the jerseys, cut up the oranges and most importantly prayed her little heart out for the boys safety and of course for a win at every. single. game.!

Lesson 2.
This week the class camp permission slip arrived in the post with a hefty price tag, and much to my son's horror, we said no. I was so disappointed for him, I could see the sadness in his eyes, but  sometimes kids have to learn that life is tough, and you can't have everything. This kid is a go-getter, he has already been on one camp and wants to go on the surf camp in summer so we had to draw the line somewhere.
After digesting the news for a few days he came up with a busk his way to camp! At first I giggled (under my breath) but then I thought, nah this takes guts, it's a great initiative and something I should encourage. So this morning I drove he and one friend to the local shops. I watched from a distance (purely selfish - pride) as they went about setting up their "gig", and then my pride and their's was shattered. Security. Security. They were asked to leave the premises before they had even started.
I marched over, whisked the music stand up under my arm and with my head held high (albeit, extremely humbled) told them, "we'll find a better place anyway." So we drove out of the shopping complex and parked a mere 50m up the road and they stood on the footpath in the shade of a coolabah tree and trumpeted "London Bridge is falling down" until they were $25 richer and I was 25 decibels deafer. 
When we dropped Mike's friend home, Mike handed over his $12.50, to which he replied, "No, you keep it, I did it for you, I really want you to come to camp". Thank goodness I had dark glasses on, thats all I can say! 
The $25 won't even pay for the bus ride there, but it was the lesson learnt. Money doesn't grow on trees  but mateship is something you can have in abundance if you give of yourself. 

Lesson 3.
Feeling a bit of mother guilt for taking #1 busking this morning, I agreed to help #2 with an experiment this afternoon, but I really need to learn my own limits. Sometimes 'no' is ok. I burnt the damn florentines whilst turning lilies multicoloured.

Taught one lesson, learnt another. Swings and roundabouts! 
Have a happy Sunday tomorrow,
Liv xo


  1. Love this! I love that you acknowledged your mum in lesson one. My hubby is a triathlete but I always take half the credit because I enable him to compete through my kid-managing behind the scenes :) Lesson two was beautiful, your heart must of almost burst!

    1. My heart did burst Katie.
      And Yes, we're not called their "better half" for nothing!