Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Farm Stay

It was a long night with a very sore and sad princess, Pink Dot decided to warm her belly near grandpa's fire! But today is another day, a pain free day, and we drove through the most beautiful countryside. The clouds were low but lifted before our eyes, revealing clear blue skies and crisp winter air. Each little town oozing its own warmth and personality. Over every hill and around every bend was another picturesque painting.
We stopped at Yack to have lunch with Uncle Pete and Aunty Al and meet their new mare, Holly. Then we visited historic Beechworth, where I ran around like a headless chicken getting my yearly fix of all the boutiques whilst my treash did the compulsory lolly-shop and honey-shop stops with the kids.
*I scored a gorgeous little brooch that will put a smile on my face for years to come and a lovely quilted blanket (insert huge grin!)
And then....(long day)... we headed to our farm-stay in Myrtleford at the bottom of Mr Buffalo. This place is an old tobacco farm with lots of old kilns and rusty barns, animals everywhere and good old country hospitality. We had a pub meal, played a game of pool and relaxed around the fire.
Bed was very welcome, it sure is cold at the bottom of the snowies.

Liv xo

If ever you drop by Yack, be sure to visit Al's shop 'Vintage Alley', I got some beautiful vintage stationary there yesterday.

Listening to 'Windy Trousers'


Honey Shop


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