Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Prank HQ

I had some fascinating, witty and insightful story to share with you all but just now when I logged on my silly mouse wasn't working, so I fiddled around for a while, unplugged it and then WHAMO  spotted the problem:

And now I have forgotten what I was going to tell you.
This is the second time today he has pranked me. This arvo, with everyone else aware of the joke, I played some online game at his request and at the end when I was supposed to be looking closely for the missing object in the puzzle some freakish looking monster jumped out at me. I literally screamed the house down, I even scared the pranker with my reaction (bonus). My treash thought it was hilarious.
 Last time I trust anyone in this house. 

Oh I remember now, so it wasn't as witty and insightful as I had thought, but truly mundane and magic.
With all the rain we have had, look what I found. 

These ones were hummers, bigger than my hands and Oh so pretty!

Well, I've been told there may be some more tricks around the place so I'm going to sign out early and go and investigate....i'm thinking gladwrapped toilet? perhaps short-sheeted bedsheets? Who knows with these turkeys. 

Over and out
Liv xo

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