Friday, 5 July 2013

School Reunion

I attended a (multi-year level) school reunion this morning for those of us with kids. I had a lovely morning but it struck me how fleeting time really is. We all look a little older, a little wiser perhaps and a little more comfortable in our own skin. Time does that I guess, you leave the confines of the school yard and spread your wings, latching on to people and places that resonate with you and make you who you are as an adult.
I couldn't help but watch the hippie mum of three across from me with dreads. O how I would love dreads just for a sneeze of a time. I'd love to feel like a rebel and rock that cool chick image, but instead, yesterday I took myself off for a concave bob. I'm not a fan at all, but thats another story (luckily hubby is!)....back to Mrs Dreads....I had a lovely conversation with her once she realised that my new twee bob wasn't to my liking. We talked about everything from our kids to section-10s, cigarettes and camping. For a moment I thought I was in Nimbin, then reality slapped me in the face in the form of a that twee bob, a custard bee sting and a latte.

Have you ever wanted to reinvent yourself?
I remember when we moved interstate my sister said, "Liv you can reinvent yourself up there, go for it!"
I considered it, but it never happened. I love my life and I am totally happy with who I am (*well I would be happier if I was 8kgs lighter) but I'd sure like to try a few personas for a day or so.
I know these are polar opposites but I've always hankered for a taste of both:
1. I'd love to be a peace-lovin hippie with dreads, a long skirt, loads of coloured beads dripping from my chilled out frame, not drug chilled out, just happy go lucky (but we've already established that!).
2. And I'd love to step back to the days of Jane Austen and John Keats when the assembly rooms were packed to the rafters with corsets and bustiers, knee-length breeches and tail coats; where the evenings festivities are well underway, and the dancers are in position, awaiting the music. Just imagine! (and of course Mr Darcy would be in the corner of the room eyeing me out!)

But I'm neither of those, I'm Liv, a loving mum and wife, and tomorrow we are heading out of town for some delicious family time. Just us, a luggage pod and a camera for all our memories.

It was lovely to catch up with you ladies and hear all about you life journeys. I'd love to paint a few stories I heard today!

With Love
Liv xo

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