Monday, 29 July 2013

Weekend highlights.

Winter sport is peppered with rain, wind, snotty children, sidelines of ranting parents....but most importantly, a whole group of kids just having fun. Like squawking seagulls they flap around as if chasing a lone chip, and once it is in their possession the notion of 'team sport' fast evaporates......but we're working on it!
With just two games left for the season, my body is aching for a saturday sleep in. A whole weekend of nothing ( I think Lulu is looking forward to it too).

But it wasn't all footy, we had a day with the cousins and close friends too.
Rocking in the double-decker hammock, toasting marshmallows, cooking and drinking grape juice. 

Fly away embers

Look at these cheeky faces, up to no good I'd say!

Someone (Miss Yellow, my sister) was a tad proud of her new patch !
Thanks Bella! 

I hope someone gives you something special this week.
Until tomorrow,
Liv xo

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