Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Unplanned visits

There is nothing quite like an unplanned cup of tea.
Today I had to pick up a few stretched canvases from my art supplier and to my surprise I scored $150 worth of free paint because I'd spent a certain amount of money! I was like a kid in a lolly shop, and I didn't just get 1 aqua tube, I got 3 different shades. Yep aqua paint floats my boat these days, i'm easily pleased.

Anyway, on the way home I came to a junction and shouted out: "Bear, want to turn right and visit Janie or go left to home?"
"Janie's cat" was his reply, so we turned right.
The back door was open so I let myself in, only to find my aunty wrapped in a towel and dripping wet (she'll be thrilled I've just let you all know that!). I was glad I'd made the unplanned cuppa, she may not have been so excited. We had a giggle, she dressed and I 'hit the lever hazel' as we say in our family (put the kettle on).

A whole property of manicured lawns and gardens, and Henry Bear finds a pile of leaves!

We sat on the back deck and watched Bear play with the poodles. He laughed himself silly for a good 1/2 hour and then we had a stroll around the garden.
I can't wait to take you on a tour of his property in spring, when the apple blossoms are in full bloom and the aggies are holding their heads high. This is their private oasis so i'll just take little snippets, but you'll drool with delight, it is something else! We had our wedding photos here.

Check out these magnolias. Simply stunning.
Have any of you seen the movie 'Steel Magnolias'? It was my all time favourite as a kid.

(this is an old pic, but this is us on Christmas day, two years ago!)

Until next cuppa,
Liv xo


  1. Wow what an amazing house, I would be stealing the cat weekly for an excuse to go there all the time!

  2. It is so pretty Prue, you just wait for my spring shots. Up in the back paddock they have a stable that looks like a little old chapel. The path up is lined with Manchurian Pears...just gorgeous!