Friday, 5 July 2013

The Lone Throne

I never thought I'd get so much pleasure from solo toileting, the chance to sit without disruption, know what I'm talking about?
I'm in my 11th year of being a mum and its been about that long since this activity has become a treat.
I never thought I'd creep down the hall in stealth mode, looking over my shoulder so as not to alert little beans that I'm visiting the commode. But before I get to the end of the contents on the back of the moisturiser bottle, I hear  "Mum where are youuuuuuuu.....Mummmmmm.....MUMMMM" .every. single. time.
I stay mute, eyes darting to and from the door. Did I lock it? nope, I never do just incase there truly is an emergency. Not sure why, just that voice inside my head. I suppose I could fix the problem if I just locked the silly door, but then I'd get the bashing variety of interruption.
What would you rather ?
1. the screaming, bashing, door thumping interruption
2. the chatting, helping, "what doing"....interruption

Neither, I get that, me too. But it's seems inevitable here. I don't even think a Navy SEAL trained in covert operations could get in and out undetected in my place.
I'm not sure if I should change tack, perhaps make an announcement before I head off down the hall, or just continue to pursue my elite soldier-style mission?

It still baffles me why they hunt me down in there.

Maria, how do I solve the problem?

Liv xo

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