Saturday, 6 July 2013

No more sleeps!

With a six hour trip to Grandmas, we hit the road early, and you know what, I did not so much as open a single page of a mag, book or newspaper, I just sang my tone-deaf heart out and soaked in the beauty. I am truly in love with the Aussie landscape. I took half a dozen 110km photos to share with you but you can imagine the quality, and there was no point asking my treash to stop because he wanted to "make it there in good time Darl", so I'll get some 0km shots tomorrow if the weather is good!
We had such a lovely afternoon catching up with G'ma and G'pa, meeting Cockles, the almost road kill galah and Jack, the scab magpie. We also had a surprise visit from some old friends, The Tochs, with their 5 precious girls. We ooood and arhhhhd over the morbidly obese/not pregnant/maybe tumour riddled goldfish, went to Mass and met every single local (far out country folk can shake!), ate a yummy hot casserole and
finished it off with way to much pudding and some delish Brown Bros port!
So it's time for this old girl to hit those flannel sheets and get some shut eye!.

With Love
Liv x

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