Friday, 26 July 2013

The Big Flower Pot

The innocence of a child is breath taking.

Today I went to the funeral of Fr Amin Aboud, a very young and deeply holy priest who died of a massive heart attack last week. It was at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney and it was packed to the rafters, a telling sign that this man was incredibly loved and respected.
The 3 biggies were at school so I went with my mum, my aunty, and Henry Bear. As the coffin was carried in to the Cathedral, adorned with magnificent flowers, Henry gasped "ooo a big flower pot", our tears momentarily turned to giggles. Moments later, as 38 priests gathered around the alter to celebrate Mass, Henry concluded that it was a "big party up there mum".
These are the simple sentiments of a 2 year old, but as I knelt there they translated into my prayers.

Fr Amin (or Fr Amen, as my daughter calls you),
My prayer to you in Heaven today is to continue blooming in our hearts. May you always inspire us to stay close to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother. Hear our prayers and at your Heavenly party, whisper in God's ear that we love him. 

Our Loss is Heaven's gain.


  1. I have never been to a funeral where tears don't turn to giggles at some point - and wonderful that is, it helps somehow doesn't it?

  2. It sure did Prue. Thanks for stopping by, I've just been over to you and had a lovely poke around- an honest and refreshing blog.
    Liv x