Monday, 22 July 2013

MacGyver didn't have an elastic.

(skin colour, so it's barely noticeable amongst the party bling)

Whilst secret agent/trouble-shooter MacGyver can battle Soviet soldiers and serve soup to the homeless in the one episode using every non-violent resolution known to man, he never once used an elastic to solve the heinous crime of flyaway hot hair. Not once. We are one up on MacGyver ladies.

As an avid user of hair elastics I know all too well the ramifications of not having a hair elastic on hand (literally).
I recently had my hair cut into a not so lovely twee bob (another story) , hoping it would curb my lazy tendency to reach for an elastic and in fact, force me to attempt the hot look for hubby.
What was I thinking?? With 4 little kids, a 'clean up style' wins hands down over a 'hot, sticky, sometimes snot infested (from the kids), in your face, stuck to your lip balm combination.'

But we're all suckers for both I've discovered, we want the look just not the hassle.

This is usually how the senario goes:
"Babe, I'm going to get my hair done for the party on saturday." (tick. he knows to look out for it)
Saturday comes and you walk around the house flicking your hair, trying not to be too obvious, but in truth, desperately keen for the "OMG Darl you look amazing" kind of reaction.
a) when you get that reaction, you dutifully tell him he looks hot too and it's going to be a GREAT night
b) you don't get the reaction, so you get in the car, sulk for a bit, then say "so do you like my hair?", all the while eyeing out the elastic on your wrist.
Then you get to the party, take one last look in the visor mirror, flick it again and resume the uncontrived facial expression.
You work the room until every last person of importance has seen your locks and then, once you presume they have all made a mental note of how nice your hair is, you reach for the elastic.
Up it goes, without so much as a farewell see you next year.

I thought it was a "mum thing" at first, you know, it's easier working with kids when you hair is up. Well that's what I tell my husband, but clearly it's not because on the weekend at Ladies Day I witnessed 3 young ladies doing just this and none of them have kids. They worked the sidelines, not quite they came, they saw, they conquered, more like they came, they showed, they MacGyverd.

I realise this post is definitely in the mundane category, but I just had to reassure myself that I'm not the only vain one out there, you all do this right?

Liv xo


  1. Yes, this was me until I got a short bob, just so I couldn't do the elastic thing!
    I still long for those easy peasy days :)

  2. I'm growing my hair at the moment and can just get it back in an elastic again. Heaven.

  3. I absolutely agree. I cut a fringe for the same reason and promptly regretted it - I need hair that can go back easily!! Hopping over from Maxabella's weekend rewind!

  4. Thanks for popping over Elastic Bandits! Good to hear i'm not alone.
    Liv xo

  5. I hate having my hair in my face so I wear it down and it would last about 4 minutes before the elastic pops out. I tend to wear one on my finger as a ring. Ready to go. And the girls seem to need a new one every single time we go anywhere. This Macgyver definitely needs to keep one handy at all times!!! x

  6. Mine is ever present on the wrist, complete with hair snap for the strays!
    We modern women are just too busy for fluffy hair things - oh wait, must be why women throughout history have worn 'up-do's!'

  7. Elastics on my wrists and ponytails all the way here. I've actually tried the bob as a way of stopping the elastic thing and acting like a grown up but I just ended up growing it again because I NEED the hair off my face. Great Post! Mel x

  8. I am forever hunting for an elastic round here. With a one year old that just LOVES picking up anything belonging to Mummy and promptly putting it somewhere else I can never seem to find one when I need it. And I loathe my hair right now so it's constantly getting tied back. Gosh and I hate that hair in the lipbalm thing - drives me nuts and a reason why I hardly ever wear lip balm I think - my poor chapped lips are not thankful ;) PS - thanks for stopping by my blog the other day - it was nice to know someone had noticed my lack of posting. To make up for it I posted twice yesterday :) And fingers crossed more to come over the next few days as I get my blogging mojo back xx