Friday, 19 July 2013

My name is Olivia and I have a problem.

It's my handbag. No matter how hard I try, it just keeps filling up.
I bought this fancy accessory over a year ago and swore black and blue that this one wouldn't be used as a garbage depot.
Well....I failed. Miserably.
This morning at the shops, with a few impatient shoppers behind me, I tried desperately to find my credit card. My wallet is on deaths door and everything is falling out and everywhere. It was like fishing in the Yemen before they stocked it. Impossible.
I huffed, rolled my eyes and excused myself and all of the groceries. The token line "it must be in the other handbag"  slipped out.
So when I got home, flustered and hungry, I tipped the thing on its head.
This was not your ordinary clutch. It was like carry-on luggage, rucksack and toy box all rolled into one, with a splash of nasal congestion for good measure.
I'm disgusted. Is it me or the kids that are to blame?? I know for one that the dirty tissues are theirs, b/c last weekend at Church two had the snots and as I handed them fresh tissues, I saw used ones being deposited (I thought I had made a note to self to remove them once we were out, but it must have slipped my mind.....over and over again).

Do you suffer from the same problem? Please say yes.

Like writing down your daily food intact and pasting it on the fridge is the only way to loose weight, confessing what was in my bag will hopefully have the similar positive effect. So here goes:

6 x dirty tissues
1 x nappy
1 x packet of wetones
2 x handcream tubes
hand sanitiser
a lady beetle figurine
rosary beads
matchbox car
kids shoe polish (clearly the first week back at school and it didn't get done in the 3 weeks of holidays)
bingo game
3 x bandaids
a fairy
packet of matches
3 x empty snap lock bags
manicure set
packet of tissues
a hair dresser flyer
my niece's necklace
a picture hook
loop hock
a brooch
packet of fisherman's friends
sticky tape
2 x packet of Anticols
4 x lipsticks
Muesli bar
Lollipop wrapper
A hair clip
2 x hair elastics
some crocheted doily ??
2 x pens

All but the kitchen sink, as the saying goes!

I'm a (huge) bit embarrassed but that was very cathartic.

With Love and a conscious decision to change,
Liv xo


  1. OMG, it looks just like mine. My husbie pointed out to me a while ago that I didn't necessarily need to carry around such a giant handbag if I actually cleaned out all the #%$$ from time to time. He's right, of course. My bag is so heavy with junk it actually hurts me to carry it...

    I found you on Tahnee's blog where you mentioned that you felt like you were talking to yourself. Ah, the joys of starting a blog. Hello to you!!! x

  2. PS - Your captcha word verification thingy sometimes stops a lot of people from commenting when you have one (I'm not scared though!)... just a thought. If you disable "Anonymous" comments you won't get spam even without it. x

    1. Thank you so much for popping by Bron, I thoroughly enjoy your blog with my morning cuppa! i'll try deleting the captcha verification now. Thanks
      Liv x

  3. PPS - (Sorry, you're going to wish you never said you were talking to yourself... :) Just wanted to say that I also have a "Weekend Rewind" linky thing on my blog on Fridays at 4pm. Bloggers link up their fave post from the past week. It's a nice way to get yourself out there and meet other bloggers.

    xxx Going now, I promise... xxx

  4. Lol, I can so so relate. I think most womens hand bags look like that, especially if you have children. the thing I hate the most is when I find open packets of biscuits amongst it all. crumbs crumbs and more crumbs, goodness knows how old they are.

  5. Oh did I forget to mention crumbs? There were plenty of those and a whole packet of those Asian rice cracker things floating in the bottom!
    Glad i'm not the only one Mandy.
    Thanks for popping by
    Liv x

  6. Hi Olivia,

    You are definitely not alone - mine is exactly the same. I do something even worse though - instead of cleaning out my handbag, I just grab another empty bag for the day which then gets filled up with all manner of stuff like you mention. So now I have about 5 bags lying around the house in this state! To avoid this, I often head out with just my credit card and license in one pocket and my phone in the other - NO BAGS!

    Mel x

    PS Welcome to blogging! It takes time, don't stress, everyone feels like they are talking to themselves in the beginning :-)

  7. I can totally relate to this! Even with just one toddler, I need to empty my bag in a weekly basis to avoid this very situation! Found you through the rewind, this was a great post and I'll definitely be back for more!

  8. Yep mine is exactly the same! I seem to carry about the entire world on my shoulder!