Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I woke up to these beautiful rays and within a couple of hours there were 13 little cousins buzzing around. The biggies were in the creek catching crays most of the day and the little girls were supposedly dressing up for a play, until one dibber-dobbed spilt the beans....
While the mums were catching up over a hot cuppa, the little girls were into my makeup.  I marched down the hall with my angry thumping feet but when I saw the excitement on their faces all I could do was take some happy snaps. Yesterday Mrs Beetle told us to "manage less, enjoy more", so thats what I did. All the lippys were screwed right to the top, my eye shadow now has 'L' and 'A' etched in it, my mascara is sticky and my blush is still MIA.

Sorry for the copious amount of photos, but its holidays and I have to capture these magic moments. 
Too many photos and not enough time to write.

With Love 
Liv xo

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