Monday, 24 June 2013

A bush date with my girl

When I was a kid at school there was a family with 9 children and to give each of her kids a bit of attention the mum would take each of them out of school for one day every term. Just one on one.
I've always thought it was a lovely idea...not the taking them out of school, by hook or by crook mine don't get days off (unless they are bleeding to death) but we try to find the time in other ways.
Today it was me and Pink Dot in the bush.

Last weekend Hubby took the boys into the bush to build a fort (apparently the first of many for cross wars!) so it was our mission to find it. We succeeded and continued on for a hour or so.

If you have really good eyes you might be able to spot Buz in red jeans and a blue jumper. Smack bang in the middle of the pic. He was screaming out to see if we were ok.
That's our house on the other side of the valley. 

Anyway, It was a lovely date, full of adventure, slipping and sliding, prickles and sticks, worry about snakes and creepies (hubby just rolled his eyes and said "its winter"), and A LOT of talking and singing.

Do you manage to squeeze in some one on one time with your little beans? Where do you go?

With Love
Liv xo

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