Monday, 17 June 2013


'Networking' has a business kind of tone to it, but it also encourages a lot of new ideas, adventures and friendships. I have recently connected with two bloggers (Sheridan) Two Aussie in Bots with a Baby and (Jody) Mud Hut Mama living the expat life in Africa. Reading all about their African adventures these past few weeks, the lives they gave up and the lives they now live ...I feel I sort of know them!
Anyhow, for what its worth girls, your stories of cross-cultural adventure, courage, change, work and travel have inspired this painting.

The only reference to Africa is perhaps the Zebra in the bottom right hand corner, but your journeys made me question a lot of things about my own life journey. 

As kids growing up we never lived a grey boring life, it was always black and white PACKED FULL OF ADVENTURE. We had our financial ups and downs, we lived in big homes and we lived in a shack, we feasted on cavier and baked beans, we travelled the world and we camped in the backyard, we drove fancy cars and not so fancy cars....the only constants were love, fun and laughter, and of course Dad's positive attitude and mum's faith.
One year the building industry took a huge hit and as a developer, Dad felt the pinch, we sold our beautiful home and moved into "gang green gables" a tiny green fibro shack on the edge of town....all 7 of us piled in! It was a year to remember! Dad refused to wallow in self pity so with the little bit of money left over after buying Gang-Green-Gables we went on a trip to America.
We had the time of our lives. I was only 9 but I remember it like it was yesterday and we still talk about it today. 
And that pretty much sums up my life. Don't look back. Black and White.
Use every high and every low as an opportunity for adventure. A chance to grow as an individual and as a family. Family is everything. 
We have a lot to thank you for Mum and Dad. I'll paint your adventure one day but I think I'll struggle to find a canvas big enough! Love you. xoxo

With love
Liv xoxo


  1. Oh wow Liv, this is seriously amazing!!! Love love love your painting (the zebra especially). Thank you so much for the bloggy shout out. You've really made my morning and am so happy you are enjoying my blog x

  2. Lady, how lovely it is to find you via your comment over at my place! Thank you for your kind words and I look forward to watching your adventures unfold here :)

    xo em

  3. Thanks for popping by Em, I look forward to sharing them.
    Liv xo

  4. Oh my goodness - this is so beautiful! I don't know how I missed it when you first posted but I'm guessing it was because we were in the middle of a big move. I'm so glad to see it now and I loved reading the story of your childhood - the painting of your parents journey will be so special and I'm so honored that our life has inspired a bit this stunning work of art.

    1. Thanks Jody, Inspiration and imagination, nothing better! xx