Thursday, 20 June 2013

Entertaining oneself !

I know this little guy gets a lot of attention around here, that's because he is the only one at home and if he isn't right by my side begging for attention he is drawing attention from me in the cutest and unknowing of ways.
Some days I beat myself up because I leave him sitting in front of the 'babysitter' while I get a bit of brush to canvas time. But she is wonderful don't get me wrong, she teaches him how to do craft activities in 1 minute, she teaches him how to snort like a pig, dance like a ballerina, toot like Thomas, hoot like Hoot, even sign language on the odd occasion.
But then he catches me off guard and takes himself off to play, lost in his own little world of gorgeousness and mischief. I don't always agree with his chosen activity, like covering himself and the lounge room floor in suncream or eating my lipsticks, but the fact he can entertain himself is such a blessing. Today I caught him twice unaware:

Bear with his footy and tee

Apparently just "wossing my amanals"

I just wish he'd fancy picking up the lego for his next solo adventure.... (always dreaming!) 

(see, if I chose not to blog today these two precious mundane moments would be lost in a sea of washing, cooking & homework). 

With Love
Liv xo

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