Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Before and After

This week marks one year since we moved into this house.
It's been quite the adventure!

As we live so close to the bush, fire regulations were very strict and every proposal we made to council was slammed.  We got there in the end, but the money spent on fire and environmental safety meant we had to do the reno on a tight budget. We all chipped in. All the landscaping, sandstone, most of the carpentry, timber floors, painting and decorating we did ourselves.
I can't tell you how grateful I am to my Treash, my Dad and my Mum- all talented, all work horses and all generous and loving souls. We all love this place.
I'd like to think this is home for a while, but given our track record, I don't like my chances. Renovating is in the blood.

The biggies have already left for school so I might pop the kettle on, pull up a chair on the verandah and take a minute to enjoy the view and just be grateful.
With Love
Liv xo

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  1. Wow! Well done you guys :) My hubby has dreams of reno, but I'm not so keen. I don't really do chaos and mess very well so I think the longevity of a reno would get to me after a while. The changes you have made though are fantastic!