Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Should hubby have access to my Facebook?

That is the question.
Of late my husband has taken to posting my Facebook 'status update', but it's not the typical hacked husband status like : 'I am the luckiest woman in the world' or 'My husband is hotter than Brad Pitt' or 'I think my hubby will get lucky tonight'. Nope.


He thought it would be funny.
Are you laughing?
The first I knew of it was a friend texted my mobile and said "where are you? where is Paul? You might want to check Facebook"...from the muttley laugh coming from the lounge room I knew he was up to something.

I got so many responses, and not just on Facebook. Friends I've bumped into at the supermarket, the doctors surgery and the footy sideline have all mentioned my worms. And what is worse I had to justify it and then explain that actually I don't have worms. But of course everyone thinks you're lying and that hubby is a champion for going public on an otherwise private itch!

The whole 'worm' saga started a few weeks back when we were going through the calendar (a free agricultural/gardening calendar we received in the post last December). For 6 months I have never noticed the little slogan each passing month shares, but this month hubby found it particularly funny and decided to send it anonymously to a bunch of friends via text:
Keep your worm farm in a cool and shady location where possible. Worms like dark, moist conditions.

He sat back that mundane wednesday night, and waited for the replies. beep beep. beep beep.
He laughed himself silly. Some knew exactly who it was and responded with equally stupid comments. Some had no idea who it was and what it meant. Others simply said "ok".
So without so much as a single consideration of the ramifications, he took his worm jokes further afield and my Facebook page copped the 2nd instalments of his humour.

He promises not to do it again, but the smirk tells another story. I'm worried.

Liv x
(and just for the record, I don't have worms)


  1. Ahahaha! It is kind of funny. Kellie xx

  2. Glad he humoured you Kellie. With 5 boys under this roof my blog is fast becoming a record of their mischief.
    Thanks for visiting.
    Liv x

  3. Your husband and mine have a very similar sense of humour - the difference though is yours actually goes through with it! ;) Hubby and I both had a good chuckle about this - thanks for sharing x