Friday, 21 June 2013

God has a funny sense of humour.

As a kid I always vowed to have girls first. My 2 sisters and I came along before our brothers and I think/hope we took a significant work load off mum. So I begged God for girls first when I became a mother. What did I get, 2 big beautiful boys, then a princess, then another fella.
God obviously thought it would be funny to watch me parent 3 boys.
Over the years we've had our fair share of split chins, split eyes, fractured fingers, an ambo ride, cuts, blood, bruises, tears, tussles, tricks, ticks, mud and mayhem....nothing too serious, YET!
But it's all the little things boys love to do that I'm sure keeps God amused daily. 
This week it was 'scare mum with the spider trick.' It went on and on and on...

I've already thrown it in the bin twice and it keeps reappearing, so I'm thinking of putting an end to it today with one big scare on their end. Where do you think I should hide it?
Biscuit tin?
Footy boots? (but then which kid, they were all culprits!)

But then again I'm always saying "two wrongs don't make a right". Should I throw the bloody thing in the neighbours bin this time.... but I don't want them to get a fright.  Arrhhh what to do?

Have you ever heard Garth Brook's #1 hit (1990) "Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers" ?
It's a beautiful song, I think about it a lot.  My prayer for girls first was unanswered b/c the Big Guy knew I needed these fellas in my life early, and then threw another little one on the end to keep things fresh.
They test me daily, have me in tears often and fits of laughter always!
I adore my boys, spiders and all. 
 (but i'm sure glad He gave me a little pink dot too)

With Love
Liv x

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