Friday, 28 June 2013

Cousins make memories

Mucking around with "the cousins" makes up a HUGE chunk of my childhood memories. Playing in the cattle crush at Pop's farm, dodging GI and GG the bulls on the motorbikes, swimming in the duck poo infested dam with boogie boards, building forts in the bush, skiing holidays at 'The Lodge', noise, fights, laughter and mischief.....over and over again.
We have all gone in different directions, some of us married others still footloose and fancy free, but the thought of another family wedding fills us all with excitement- the chance to be young again with "the cousins". This December we will all be together again!

It's those memories that make me fill my kids days with as much cousin time as our busy lives allow. Yesterday we did a swap, I got the girls + 1 fella and I sent the big boys off to boy camp in the mountains. I was expecting a few days of pink and dollies and craft...but after 5 days of rain all they wanted to do was run outside. Fine by me!


making lemonade

We met up this afternoon to do the swap again and the boys were back where they always are:

I probably ate far too much of this yumminess (my sister is an amazing cook, i didn't get that gene)

We are meeting up with these guys again in a few days and "the other cousins"  next week. 
It's what dreams are made of.

With Love
Liv xo

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