Friday, 14 June 2013

City or Country?

A misty morning here. 

At the start of the week I wrote a post on the Sydney 'VIVID Festival' and the beauty of Sydney Harbour, but today it hit me just how different life on Sydney's periphery is. How beautifully different it is.
Hear me out and I'd love to know if you feel the same.

Without question the city is alive. There is so much to see, hear, feel, taste, touch and do that the senses are exhausted at the end of the definitely belongs in the magic category.
The constant engine room thrum of noise: grumbling buses, screeching taxis, honking horns, beeping traffic lights, church bells, bustling feet, lapping water driven by the energy of old ferries, people yelling and the murmur of foreign languages whispering through the air; smells both wonderful and rancid; the sight of brightly coloured billboards, neon signs, pigeons, ibis and bloody indian mynas are everywhere (I hate mynas); the chill of the wind that weaves its way in and around the buildings freezes you to the core and then the sun hits you in the face when you reach the Quay; the taste of every culture is readily available, and the smell of coffee is a given.
A complete and utter high for the senses. All consuming and unbounded, just like that sentence!

And then there is home...
The tranquil slower paced life of my world.
Well, let's be honest, home life isn't particularly tranquil, but after I drop the rascals at school the drive home definitely is.

We had our fair share of 'high for the senses' this morning:
"get up. hurry up. Quick have breakfast. No you can't make bacon and eggs. Where is your homework?. Get your blazer. Have you packed your rugby gear?. Brushed your teeth?. Quick. Get off the table. Someone put cartoons on for Henry before I explode. Stop pestering her. James get up. Please put that away when you are finished with it. Have you made your bed? Your dessert bowl is still on the floor in the playroom from last night arrrhhh. Yes you can have a milo but a small one I don't have enough milk for my coffee (and boy did I need that). No we can't go on a holiday tonight. Yes you may watch the Footy tonight if you make your bed. Please empty the dishwasher. Have you got your diary? I need to sign it. Lunch boxes ready. JAMES GET UP. toast? cereal? we are leaving in five minutes whether you are ready or not. etc etc...................................................................................................................."

My treash wishes he had a mute button. Me too, and a fast forward button.
But the olds tell me that we must cherish this time because it goes in the blink of an eye.

So back to the point of this post.
My world on the periphery of Sydney. The tranquil drive periphery.

After my crazy mornings it's so lovely to enjoy these sights to calm the nerves and put me on track for another day.
15km round trip of road side stalls, orchards and paddocks of docile animals. The simple life. Both mundane and magic.

I think these are the cause of my 5 extra kilos....well the lashings of full cream yoghurt I dump on top of them anyway. The Fig season is just about over and my body is thankful. 

I rushed this piccy b/c there was a car coming down the driveway as I took it. But there is a cute little boat sitting under the willow begging me to take it for a row.

Not the best quality photos on this overcast day (and taken from a car window) but you get the drift.
Which do you prefer, city or country?
I can honestly say I LOVE both. The city in small doses and the country in abundance. 

With Love
Liv xo

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