Thursday, 27 June 2013

Unconditional Love

Today was day 5 of rainy winter holidays, and determined not to have another day of climbing the walls, we hit the public pool.
What I like to call,  unconditional love. Know the one?

It was heated but not quite burn your bottom in the shower heated. It was more like the temperature of the shower when the hot water runs out and the shivering begins. It was cold. But with my 4 kids and 2 spares under my care, I got in.
I reckon I shivered off the 2 kilos of chocolate brownie I ate this morning. In retrospect a good thing.

We lasted about an hour, half of which was spent telling the boys to stop imitating the oldies doing water aerobics in the next lane and the other half mopping up Henry's blood.
I was politely entertaining some boring conversation about scuba diving with a chatty American when Henry flew through the air and landed on my head. The teeth through tongue scenario we mother's know too well, or is that just me?
Once again we were stealth, inconspicuous and welcome visitors. not.

What kind of unconditional love to do you throw around?
- The rainy footy sideline is a good one.
- Mopping up vomit at 2, 3 and 4am is another.
- Sharing the choc froth on your cappuccino every. single. day.
- Changing wet bedsheets every day for a month.
- The 10pm project-needs-to-be-finished-by-the-morning
- Going to the shops with 4 hungry children
- Going to the BMX bike track when you have the flu
- Playing hide and seek outside on a cold and windy day
- Agreeing to play monopoly when the last episode of Downton Abby is airing.

Being a mum means putting yourself last, and believe me, I struggle with it daily.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

With Love
Liv xo

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