Monday, 3 June 2013

Short but very sweet!

As we drove away from our weekend at Avoca Beach, one girlfriend said, "Well that was short but very sweet"....she nailed it.
The horrid weather did nothing but ensure red was consumed warmed the gizzards and made us laugh, A LOT.
Cocktails, Mexican food, a lot more vino, a manicure and a truck load of laughs with a bunch of inspiring friends (not to mention a sleep in, no nappies and going to the toilet alone!)
what more could a girl ask for on a cold rainy weekend.

Between the seven of us we left 7 hubbys and 30 children, yep, thats right 30!!!! ....something in the water! So when I returned late on Sunday, my treash went for a snooze and I donned the gummies and went for a splash in the puddles with the kids.

The big boys are too cool for photos.

When you are in the thick of 'young' family life, it's good to have a weekend away from your loved ones, it makes you realise how much you really love them.

But today its monday (groundhog day), and it all begins again. The biggies are at school, 3 loads are dancing in the wind, dinner is marinated, the table is set, fresh flowers are picked and I even got a lovely surprise visit from a friend. 

I hope your weekend was relaxing and you also get a surprise visitor this week!

With Love
Liv xo


  1. I absolutely love it!!!
    I think you've inspired me to persevere with mine!
    Don't you just love those surprise visits ;-)

    1. I sure do! Thanks for popping by sweetpea x