Friday, 7 June 2013

My week in review!

I don't know about you but I LOVE friday nights. Its treat night, footy night (which means "me time") and its chore-free night (no homework or lunches).
And the fact that its a public holiday here in Australia means no footy tomorrow, so no alarm clock.
This week has been pretty uneventful, just rolling as usual....

I caught Henry Bear picking the carrots before they were ready.

We bought two ponies!

Buz made a paper M16 to scare the bandicoots digging up our lawn.

Muscles did a puppet show.

State of Origin, game1.
The biggies were born in NSW, the tweenies in QLD
Game on.
NSW 1/0
I found my mints in Lucy's gumboots.
When I questioned her ...Henry went very quiet.
Hmmm....i wonder who did it?!

This is what happens when you leave 2 y.o. cousins together, unsupervised.

Pink Dot started gymnastics.
Which means she thinks she can do this all day long:

My gorgeous Dad framed another painting for me.

I was coveting this cushion for this old dame.....but restrained. 

And now I'm going to get into my PJs, pour myself a red and then in my sexiest voice ask Hubby if we can watch 'Father of the Bride' instead of football.
Do you think it will work?

Have a wonderful weekend.

With Love
Liv xo

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