Thursday, 27 June 2013

State of Origin. 1/1. Game on.

After the first game my confidence was up and so I decided to invite one very passionate Queenslander and his New South Welsh wife to join our two littlies in support of the Maroons (if you missed my first post about S of O I mentioned that my big boys were born in NSW and the two little ones in QLD- so we are split even).

Sadly however, and with our tail between our legs we concede another defeat to the Toads on their home turf.
We haven't won many up there, but the last one we did win, we were there to witness it and it was sweet. Very sweet.

So at one a piece now, bring on game 3.

There was about as much joy and confidence in that game as there was in our political leaders last night. Equally as disappointing but I think the political game was perhaps a click ahead in the entertainment stakes. What a shambles. Comical even. 
We are deeply concerned for Kevin and Julia's lovechild though. 

With Love
Liv xo

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  1. Love it Liv....and the gorgeous lovechild xox